Why Choosing the Right Trustee is Critical

Personal Trustee

A lifetime is spent accumulating knowledge and financial security. How an individual passes that forward to the next generation takes thought and planning.  Establishing a trust is a responsible decision for your family’s financial future. That trust can help you manage your property and assets, reduce estate taxes, avoid probate, and leave a legacy. To…

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Estate Planning: Something New

Estate Planning - Something New

COVID-19 is impacting people in unanticipated ways. Google Trends (see chart below) is showing a significant increase in estate planning searches as people reflect upon how this might affect them and their legacy. Online estate planning websites are experiencing dramatic increases of 50% to 100%. The world has re-discovered the need for estate planning due…

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How the SECURE Act Changes Estate Planning

SECURE Act - Estate Planning

As you are preparing for your family’s financial future, you must not only look at your ongoing retirement contributions, but any inheritance that you may receive from parents and other family members. Some families and individuals have relied on so-called “stretch IRAs” as a way to pass on IRAs from generation to generation. This strategy…

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