TI-TRUST Financial Results

Annual Reports

Our quarterly financial results are reported to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation about 45 days after each calendar quarter end (March, June, September and December). If you would like to see our results, please click the link below to access that financial information posted on the IDPFR website. Go to “Trust Company Report of Condition and Income”; select the date of the report you wish to view; select TI-Trust, Inc. (NOTE: Due to our Company’s name change in July of 2019, reports prior to September 30, 2019 will be under First Bankers Trust Services, Inc.)

As a convenience to our shareholders, TI-Trust, Inc. will post our quarterly financial results on our website.

TI-TRUST Stock Basis

The following document was filed by First Bankers Trustshares, Inc. with the IRS on August 13, 2019 to estimate cost basis of TI-TRUST, Inc. common stock using IRS Form 8937 Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities.

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