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How We Became Employee-Owned (ESOP)

TI-TRUST, Inc., (“TI-TRUST”) has been providing fiduciary services since 1956, and trustee services to employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) since 1988. We are proud to announce that we are now an employee-owned company! Joining our ESOP clients, our employees will be amongst the more than 10 million employee owners in America.

Our ESOP will be one of the 320 shareholders of TI-TRUST. Adding the ESOP is more than a great retirement benefit. As owners, we will align the interest of all of our stakeholders to continue serving our valued clients at the highest level.

“Our success is attributable to our exceptional employees and the great culture we have at TI- TRUST. We have been serving as an ESOP trustee for hundreds of clients since 1988. Today, with our own ESOP, it strengthens our commitment to our employees and our culture while continuing to provide outstanding service to our clients.” said Brian Ippensen, President and CEO.


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