What Is an ESOP?

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Employee Stock Ownership Plan An ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, allows employees to become owners of the stock in the company they work. It is a retirement plan designed to benefit not just the employees but the business as a whole. ESOPs can provide substantive retirement and develop transformational productivity through shared ownership. ESOPs…

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2020 Farm Family of the Year

Farm Services - TI-TRUST

TI-TRUST is proud to recognize Rick Edwards, AFM (Vice-President Farm Services) and his family as the 2020 Herald-Whig Farm Family of the Year!  The family was recently honored at the First Bankers Trust/ Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce Ag Banquet held in Quincy, Illinois. Rick’s parents – Paul and Edith  Edwards – were life-long dairy…

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