TI-TRUST, Inc. is a Leading Provider of Professional Farm Services

TI-TRUST brings landowners in-depth knowledge of farm operations. Each Senior Farm Manager is an Accredited Farm Manager with an extensive agricultural background. As a result, we provide our clients a personal and professional experience with an exceptional understanding of agriculture and farm management.

TI-TRUST serves a diverse set of landowners, many of whom live nationally and internationally. They may have inherited a farm, purchased it as an investment, or own it as an individual, corporation, LLC, or trust.

Our Client-Focused Services

To best serve our clients, we put ourselves in the landowner’s shoes and fulfill their responsibilities as if we were them. Services include:

  • Planning the highest and best use for the land
  • Selecting the tenant
  • Negotiating the type of lease and lease term
  • Making decisions regarding seed, chemical, and fertilizer purchases
  • Grain marketing
  • Selecting and maintaining crop, property, and liability insurance coverage
  • Planning conservation programs, tillage operations, and crop rotation
  • Recommending and overseeing farm improvements

Throughout Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, our Farm Services Group offers a wide range of services. We start with a complimentary consultation and then implement a customized plan that best suits the landowners needs and objectives.

Farm Services Video Transcript

Brian Ippensen: We offer a great farm service group. We do farm management, farm consulting, and farm appraisal.

Rick Edwards: The main service we offer is farm management services. We basically represent landowners.

Joe Harris: We do all of the marketing, the bill pay, receiving of checks, and income.

Brian Ippensen: Not only maintaining that farm and generating income from it from year to year but also creating long-lasting value for the next generation.

Sam Triplett: So we also offer a full line of farm appraisals. We specialize in really any kind of land that you're going to find in this area. Whether somebody's passed away and the estate valuation purposes or you're interested in buying or selling a piece of farmland we offer appraisals for all those services.

Joe Harris: And then we do consultations. Consultations can involve maybe a combination of things. It may be something specific to farm management.

Sam Triplett: A specific need that you may have. Maybe things aren't happening on your farm that you want to happen. Things aren't getting accomplished by your tenant, or you're looking for a way to improve your farmland in various ways those are all consultation services that we provide.

Rick Edwards: I think the thing that makes us most unique is our experience. Joe has in excess of 30 years of farm management experience. I have over 20 years, a professional farm manager, and I grew up on a farm. Joe grew up on a farm, Sam grew up on a farm, and we know farming from the ground up.

Brian Ippensen: We've got a great group of people and I think a lot of people would say that about their people, but I can brag about our folks. All of them have grown up on a farm. All of them still continue to operate in some kind of farming operation and are still actively involved. So when they're giving you their expertise it's not only coming from their years of experience of being a farm manager, or in the land appraisal, but it's also from their expertise of living it every day.

TI-TRUST Farm Services include:

Farm Management

Throughout the Midwest, TI-TRUST offers farm management services to ease stress and worries of owning farmland. We understand that every landowner’s needs are unique, and we create a plan that is applicable to their operation. Regardless of the type of lease arrangement, or if the farm is strictly a cash grain operation or includes livestock, our Farm Services Group has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your farmland asset ownership.

Farm Appraisals

Whether you need an appraisal for estate purposes or to prepare for a land sale, our Farm Services Group has the skills and experience to help. Our State-Certified General Real Estate Appraisers offer expertise in comprehensive appraisals – so you receive the accurate documentation to verify the value of your farmland asset.

Farm Consultations

We offer farm consultation services to landowners for assistance with record keeping, building or improvement projects, real estate sales and acquisitions, or other farm-related business activities.

Trust and Integrity Matters

With solid core values and a proven commitment to high ethical standards, TI-TRUST is a leading provider of fiduciary services dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients.